The HELL iced coffee range is renewed

From today, the ready-to-drink iced coffees of Hungary’s leading brand will be available under a new name, with a more uniform and a fine-tuned recipe.


From today, the ready-to-drink iced coffees of Hungary’s leading brand* will be available under a new name, with a more uniform, facelifted packaging and a fine-tuned recipe. The announcement means that the popular iced coffee brand, previously known as ENERGY COFFEE, will be available in stores as HELL ICE COFFEE, with a stronger, independent image and communication from the parent brand.

HELL launched its ENERGY COFFEE range in summer 2019, with 3 flavors. The high quality, the real Hungarian milk, the Arabica and Robusta coffee extracts and the harmonious flavor quickly won the consumers’ approval: by 2020, the range was the first in the Hungarian retail market for ready-to-drink iced coffee in terms of both value and number of units sold, and has been maintaining this position for three years now. In addition, ENERGY COFFEE has become a real extended family, as lovers of classic iced coffees will find their favorite among the 7 flavors (Latte, Cappuccino, Double Espresso), as well as those looking for something special (Rum Walnut, Salted Caramel) or those following a special diet (Slim Latte without added sugar, lactose-free Coconut).

However, four years after the brand’s launch and take-off, it is time for the two big brands, HELL ENERGY and ENERGY COFFEE, to separate from each other, both strategically and creatively.  As a first step, the range will be rebranded, so that iced coffee lovers will now find the products on the shelves as HELL ICE COFFEE, making the brand even easier to find. In parallel with the name change, the 250 ml infinitely recyclable aluminum can packaging will also be revamped, giving the entire portfolio a more consistent, clean design, and for those who are keen to discover small improvements in the recipe.

“We felt it was time to fine-tune the packaging and formulation of our iced coffees. We wanted to position the brand a bit more strongly in the coffee category, so now it’s clear for everyone what to expect from these drinks: cool, bold, laidback style, high quality, a wide range of flavors, real coffee extract, and at least 40mg/100ml of caffeine, all in infinitely recyclable packaging,” says Dóra Szekeres, Senior Brand Manager of HELL ICE COFFEE.

The rebranding is supported by a major marketing campaign. At the beginning of March, HELL ICE COFFEE will launch its own Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages, and in April, online and television advertisements and outdoor advertising will promote the renewed brand on the domestic and international markets, as HELL ICE COFFEEs are now available in nearly 30 countries.

* In terms of turnover and units sold (Nielsen 2022)