2023.05.09. Budapest

HELL ENERGY opens an exciting new chapter with a new TV Commercial

Here is HELL ENERGY’s latest commercial!

New heroes take the lead after Bruce Willis

Today marks the start of an exciting new era in the life of HELL ENERGY: after the world’s greatest action hero, the leading role in the next ad campaign of Hungary’s leading energy drink brand will go to the everyday heroes we all know. In the new commercial, we can draw motivation from life situations that are familiar to everyone, when we need a little push to overcome those times you get stuck.

6 months of planning and preparation, a crew of 100, over 100 extras, 20 featured actors, 3 days of shooting, 4 stories, 5 weeks of post-production. This is HELL ENERGY’s latest commercial in a nutshell. The ad will begin airing at home and abroad from May 2023.

The film shows familiar life situations experienced by four independent characters, who face everyday challenges and tasks, and often not everything works out at first. It’s only natural to lose momentum or feel stuck, especially when you’re facing an important life event. But as the commercial says, don’t turn back, because you’ve got it in you, all you need is to believe in yourself!

“For the past five years, we have built HELL ENERGY’s communication around Bruce Willis. During this half a decade, not only the brand but also the energy drink category has grown tremendously at home and internationally. Looking at consumption habits, these drinks are no longer seen as functional products, but as everyday essentials. This is why the moment has come to open a new chapter in brand communication, although Bruce will always remain an iconic figure in our history. And who better to take the stage after such a legend than our everyday heroes? They don’t have to save the world, but they need a little extra motivation in their own lives to overcome difficulties whether large or small,” said Márton Vecsei, Leader of HELL ENERGY Brand.

The commercial will also be shown in a longer, 1-minute version in some of the leading countries highlighted for the HELL brand (e.g. Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria), while the short, 30-second version will promote HELL ENERGY energy drinks in more than 50 countries.

The new brand concept creative will be featured on television, social media platforms, billboards, citylights and point of sale during 2023.