2022.02.04. Budapest

Who says Bruce Willis doesn’t look good in red?

The Hollywood star will be the face of the Hungarian energy drink brand for the third time

The Hollywood star will be the face of the Hungarian energy drink brand for the third time

Bruce Willis is known to be a regular enjoyer of HELL energy drinks, and not only because he has been working with the Hungarian brand for four years now. The American actor legend still regularly has his fridge restocked with HELL and he is the owner of the one-billionth can, which he holds in high esteem.

The market-leading Hungarian energy drink brand is proud that Bruce Willis keeps a stock of HELL in his fridge at home. Last year, the actor was filming his latest action movie in Georgia, USA, when he realized he didn’t have enough of his favorite. With the devil’s head energy drink unavailable in the area of the small American town where he was filming, Willis had his private jet flown back to New York to bring in drinks from his home HELL supply.

The fruitful collaboration has already produced some exciting advertising campaigns, so it’s no wonder that another contract extension has been agreed upon. Bruce Willis is sure to be back as the face of HELL for another 2 years around the world, upping the ante with daring images!

“It’s no secret that HELL ENERGY aims to rejuvenate its target group, and Bruce Willis will play a huge role in this over the next two years. The American actor has been captured in a much more cooler way than ever before. I think the results speak for themselves!” – said Krisztián Schmidt, Creative Marketing Director at HELL ENERGY, about the new campaign.

Bruce Willis, who is still in excellent form, has recently discovered a new favorite in the HELL portfolio, FOCUS, which he says he often consumes while studying film scripts.