About us

HELL ENERGY is one of the fastest growing FMCG brands in the world, as proven by its explosive export expansion and growing global popularity. The 100 percent Hungarian energy drink brand was crafted in 2006 and by 2010, it became the market leader in Hungary, it has become a key player internationally, with an export market of more than 50 countries. In addition to Hungary, among others, it is the market leader in Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus.

The success of HELL ENERGY is due to its excellent quality, good value for money, wide availability and world-class marketing communication activities. The company is a unique player in the energy drink sector, the only one in the world in the beverage sector that is able to claim to have a market-leading, established brand in several countries, its own ultramodern filling factory and aluminium beverage can factory, giving it an unparalleled strategic position globally. 

Satisfying current consumer needs and continuous development play an exclusive role in the development of HELL’s energy drink portfolio. In addition to the classic (32 mg / 100 ml caffeine, tutti-frutti flavour) energy drink, innovative products such as HELL STRONG with a +20 percent caffeine content recommended for extreme use or the sugar-free HELL Zero product family are also available under the umbrella of the brand.

Following the trends, the company’s mission is to produce functional drinks that contain extra ingredients in addition to the usual ingredients from energy drinks. To this end, HELL STRONG FOCUS was born in 2017, with a total of 11 ingredients (including magnesium and L-carnitine).

The HELL ICE COFFEE iced coffee brand was launched by HELL ENERGY company on domestic market in 2019 with 3 product variants, and barely a year after its introduction, it became the first in the Hungarian retail market of ready-to-drink iced coffees, both in terms of value and number of units sold. The brand has held this position since November 2020, and has even been able to strengthen its domestic dominance since then. Apart from Hungary, the product line is available in almost 30 countries, and in Romania, Greece, and Slovakia it also boasts a market-leading position. In 2023, the HELL ICE COFFEE portfolio now boasts 7 members, including versions without added sugar and lactose-free, providing a solution to the different needs of coffee lovers. The 250 ml aluminum cans of milk coffee variations are made with at least 70 percent milk, real Arabica and Robusta coffee extracts, without preservatives, and with a caffeine content of 40 mg/100 ml, thus providing the quality coffee experience in environmentally friendly, endlessly recyclable packaging.

The sales activity of HELL ENERGY has been supported from the beginning by a unique marketing activity. The first step in the international expansion was the two-year cooperation with the AT&T Williams Formula 1 team in 2009, with which HELL ENERGY was the first Hungarian company and the second among energy drinks to be the sponsor of the Formula 1 world.

The year 2018 marked another milestone for the brand, with a unique advertising campaign starring Hollywood star Bruce Willis.

Since then, HELL has extended its partnership with the Hollywood superstar twice, in 2020 and 2022. In the 2020 commercial, Willis promoted HELL ICE COFFEE, the new product line debuting at the time, alongside HELL Classic, and was joined by Miss Universe-winning model-actress Zuleyka Rivera, known from the “Despacito” video.

Thanks to the fact that innovation and continuous product development are still one of the most important aspects in the life of the company, it is certain that the fans of the brand can expect a lot of innovations and novelties in the coming years as well!