2021.03.10. Budapest

The all-new iced coffees many of you have waiting for

HELL is expanding their iced coffee family with two new ENERGY COFFEEs. The iced coffee…

HELL is expanding their iced coffee family with two new ENERGY COFFEEs. The iced coffee brand that topped the market as regards both revenue and number of item sold in December of last year* is proud to present a new lactose-free product, ENERGY COFFEE Coconut, which can also be enjoyed by people who are lactose sensitive/intolerant while the new Double Espresso is ideal for those who love intense coffee flavor. The 250 ml aluminum cans of coffee variations are preservative-free and made with premium ingredients providing a high-quality coffee experience in practical and environmentally friendly packaging.

HELL ENERGY introduced the ENERGY COFFEE product line, comprising three flavors, in the summer of 2019. Excellent quality, real milk, and coffee extracts, as well as a harmony of flavors, quickly became popular among consumers, thus, just barely a year later, the product line jumped to the head of the market of ready to drink iced coffees in domestic retail during the examined time period both as regards value and the number of items sold.

Based on this great success as well as consumer feedback, the brand feels the time has come to expand their product line with two new “family members.”

“According to the research, one-third of the Hungarian population will become lactose sensitive/intolerant during the course of their life. One of our new products was developed specifically with them in mind because ENERGY COFFEE Coconut is made with lactose-free milk and flavored with a pinch of coconut. Our other new addition, the ENERGY COFFEE Double Espresso is for those of you who enjoy richer, stronger coffee flavors,” said Krisztián Schmidt, HELL’s creative marketing director.

The new iced coffee drinks, just like the brand’s previous beverages, are made with real Arabica and Robusta coffee extracts without preservatives; they contain 40 mg/100ml of caffeine.

HELL is present with the ENERGY COFFEE product line not only in Hungary, the brand is currently available in 20 countries, Greece, Croatia, and the UK among others.

* Based on the December 2020 data of the market research carried out by NielsenIQ, which monitors the full revenue realized in domestic retail as regards both value and number of items sold on the Hungarian market. The retail index does not include the revenue of hospitality industry establishments.