2024.02.01. Budapest

HELL Boxing Kings

In 2024, HELL Boxing Kings and nine-time boxing world champion Roy Jones Jr. join forces to seek the best boxers from 10 countries.

The New Era of Boxing

Budapest, February 1, 2024

In 2024, HELL Boxing Kings and nine-time boxing world champion Roy Jones Jr. join forces to seek the best boxers from 10 countries.

HELL ENERGY makes a groundbreaking entry into the world of boxing in 2024 by organizing a unique international competition. The energy drink manufacturer, present in over 60 countries, is now synonymous with the year-round boxing tournament, HELL Boxing Kings, with a total prize pool exceeding $1,000,000!

The matches will be broadcasted on the HELL Boxing Kings YouTube channel and social media platforms.

The series’ semifinals, finals, and middle rounds will be broadcasted live.

“Preparedness, humility, dedication: Your time has come!”

The international boxing competition will select the best and most talented athletes from 10 countries, who will compete in four weight classes for the HELL Boxing Kings championship belts.

The winners of the weight classes will receive $100,000 along with a professional contract opportunity from HELL ENERGY Promotion.

Not only registered athletes but practically anyone can step into the ring for the fabulous cash prizes.

This competition opens the door to the professional boxing world for those boxers and martial artists who have the skills but haven’t had the opportunity to prove themselves.

Applications can be submitted between February 01, 2024, and March 15, 2024, on the www.hellboxingkings.com website, provided you are over 18 years old.

And that’s not all! Celebrities are joining the action too!

During the live broadcasts, celebrity participants will also enter the ring in three weight classes. The delegated stars from participating countries will also compete for a $100,000 grand prize and the glory associated with the HELL Boxing Kings title.

“You set your own limits, and it’s up to you when you surpass them!”

For the 2024 HELL Boxing Kings international boxing competition, applicants are welcome from the following countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Azerbaijan.

From March onward, applicants can showcase their skills in casting events held in their own countries. Selected participants will face elimination matches in June, and in November, they will have the chance to prove themselves in live-streamed semifinals.

The final will take place in Hungary in December 2024, featuring star guests and the main patron of HELL Boxing Kings, the nine-time world champion, Roy Jones Jr.

You determine your dreams, and HELL Boxing Kings provides the opportunity!