2020.02.28. Budapest

Bruce Willis and HELL Team up again

Bruce Willis and HELL team up again, shooting with the world’s hottest woman – the world-renowned brand has extended its…

HELL ENERGY, one of the most known energy drink brands worldwide and market leader in Hungary continues the collaboration with Bruce Willis. The superstar will stay the face of HELL’s global ad campaign for another two years. The upcoming commercial will feature, apart from HELL CLASSIC, the newest addition to the company portfolio, HELL ENERGY COFFEE. The beautiful model/actress Zuleyka Rivera, who is best known for the music video of Despacito numbering 6,6 billion views, will appear alongside the Hollywood actor.

Working together with a real world-class celebrity is a big shot even for global brands. HELL is signing Hollywood legend Bruce Willis for the second time around. Products of the Hungarian company, manufacturing premium quality energy drinks and – since last year – iced coffees are available on 5 different continents and over 50 countries from India to Mexico. Two years ago, the company decided to seek out a superstar who is known and popular the world over and also represents the values that HELL stands for.

„The success of the choice we made two years ago is mainly evidenced by consumer feedback, as they are the ones choosing their favorite energy drink every day. Bruce Willis has got everything that the HELL brand represents: he is strong, dynamic and brave. The work we have been doing in these past couple of years has confirmed that our dedication to quality is similar as well, so whether we want to continue working with him was not much of a question,” said Péter Pantl, international communication and marketing director for HELL ENERGY, he added, “Of course, we have once again upped the ante a bit and included another world-renowned celebrity to star beside Bruce Willis in our global ad campaign, the extraordinarily beautiful Zuleyka Rivera. The model and actress won the title of Miss Universe in 2006 and is perhaps best known in Hungary for appearing in the music video for Despacito, but she has had several film roles since and has become a successful businesswoman.”

The new HELL advertisement spot will begin filming at the beginning of March in New York. All brand representatives are letting us know for now is that the film will feature HELL ENERGY COFFEE besides HELL’s energy drink.


HELL ENERGY is among the world’s most dynamically growing FMCG brands. HELL ENERGY was founded in 2006 as a family-owned company and still operates under the same ownership today as a “mom and pop multi-national company.” The brand became Hungary’s market-leading energy drink within a record amount of time, thanks to its exceptional products, effective sales strategy and unique marketing solutions, the brand is present over 50 countries around the world, being the market leader in Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus as well. Since 2017, the corporation produces its own packaging material in its own aluminum can factory, called QUALITY PACK, equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Providing the consumers their favorite energy drink in the packaging of the future, the aluminum can that’s 100% recyclable, infinite times.

2018 was a milestone for the HELL ENERGY brand: they filmed their global ad campaign with Hollywood star Bruce Willis. And thanks to their continuous product innovation, in 2019, HELL took on a new segment of the market with their all-new product line of ENERGY COFFEEs.

The two main pillars of HELL ENERGY’S success are premium quality and great value for price.