2020.07.22. Budapest

Beverage packaging goes green

HELL ENERGY Group, a well-known energy and soft drink producer, together with the aluminium company Hydro, signed a contract…

HELL ENERGY Group, a well-known energy and soft drink producer, together with the aluminium company Hydro, signed a contract July 21, 2020 to introduce the greenest beverage can in the world. HELL’s commitment of using Hydro CIRCAL for their beverage can body sheet, the prime-quality recycled aluminium with a certified content of minimum 75% recycled post-consumer scrap, is a major sustainability milestone for the whole industry and sets a benchmark for other multinational brands as well.

One of the biggest industry challenges today is the recycling of packaging once they are no longer in use. HELL ENERGY and QUALITY PACK, has proudly announced to cooperate with Hydro to address these challenges by producing aluminium cans that have some of the highest level of recycled content in the world.

„We are excited and proud to be the first energy and soft drink manufacturer to launch the greenest can packaging with a certified content of minimum 75% recycled aluminium. We aspire to lead the market and be the global benchmark by providing low carbon packaging for our consumers. This is why we have committed ourselves to the innovation of Hydro, that is by far the most sustainable solution for our market. The higher the recycled content, the lower the carbon footprint, the better for the environment” said Barnabas Csereklye, Managing Director of HELL ENERGY and CEO of QUALITY PACK.

While consumers seek more environmentally friendly products, HELL pursued solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. They have tested several packaging options to look for a green solution, and based on the results, aluminium cans came out on top.

Plastic bottles can only be recycled a finite number of times, and plastic packaging is estimated in having a major share of plastics leakage into the ocean. Showing commitment towards sustainability, HELL has already pledged to reduce the share of plastic bottles in their portfolio to 1% by 2025. Recycling is clearly important, but not closing the tap of plastic pollution.

On the contrary, aluminium cans can be recycled almost infinitely, keeping its quality and retaining its value. When guaranteeing 75% or more recycled content, it means aluminium that has reached its end of life as a product in use, brought back into the loop. The metal has a vital role to play in creating a truly circular economy.

HELL’s strategy is based on responsible sourcing of aluminium with a low carbon footprint will contribute to reducing global emissions and create products for a low carbon future. HELL achieved to cut its greenhouse gases by 60% when compared to packaging in the past.

The commitment is a major sustainability milestone for the whole industry and HELL ENERGY Group is the only known beverage manufacturer who is able to offer low carbon can packaging to their worldwide customers and consumers. The aluminium production process is fully traceable, and the product is certified by an independent third party.

HELL ENERGY Group built its own, and Hungary’s, first aluminium beverage can factory QUALITY PACK in 2017 and has since been recycling 100% of its own industrial scrap as a part of its responsible governance. Being one of the most dynamically developing FMCG brands, HELL is considered a totally unique player in the industry with its highest level of vertical integration given its well-known brand, its modern filling factories and of course its state-of-the-art can factory. Their products are available in more than 50 countries, and they are a market leader in many of those countries. Wherever more climate-conscious consumers can find HELL products, they can be assured they will be receiving some of the most environmentally friendly aluminium packaging in the world.