2024.05.24. Budapest

The HELL factory has grown into the largest giant in the world*

It started from zero – today the brand is 18 years old, it’s factory has been operating for 15 years, is available in 5 continents and up to 18 million drinks are produced daily

Budapest, 24 May 2024.

After the handing of the new factory unit, the HELL factory complex is now located of an area of 77.11 hectares (771,100 square meters). *This means, that this is the world’s largest state-of-the-art megafactory, by a same-owned corporate group, manufacturing and filling aluminium beverage cans at one location. Thanks to the increased production capacity, they can produce up to 4 billion beverage cans and 6 billion pieces of filled finished products per year.

HELL ENERGY is one of the fastest growing FMCG brand in the world, which the fast success and the explosively expanding export market also proves. The 100% Hungarian brand was created in 2006, and became the market leader in Hungary by 2010, and in the international energy drink market – with an export market consisting of more than 60 countries today- has become a determining player. It is the only company in the energy drink sector to have a strong brand, a wide range of products at affordable prices, as well as its own modern filling plant and aluminium beverage can factory, which means an unparalleled strategic position on a global scale, too.

The success story of HELL has reached another milestone: the company opened a new factory unit equipped with state-of-the-art technology on 24 May 2024 in Szikszó, which was inaugurated at the HELL Industrial Park with a grand opening ceremony. With the newly given unit, the megafactory of HELL now covers an area of 77.11 hectares, which has taken HELL’s production activities to a new level, as they can handle up to 10 billion beverage cans annually, including 4 billion cans and 6 billion pieces of filled finished products.

This means that they can move up to 31 million aluminum cans per day, of which 13 million are manufactured and 18 million are filled. In addition, the newly given factory complex is now also suitable for the production of 500 ml aluminium cans, which further expands the already wide range of products.

„It is a great honour and joy for me to open the gates of our new factory unit, which is not only the inauguration of a building, but also the beginning of a new era where the production and the filling of aluminum beverage cans takes place within the same building. This is the most advanced and efficient operating model in the industry, where competitiveness and sustainability are closely linked to environmental protection.” – said Barnabás Csereklye, the CEO of HELL ENERGY Hungary Ltd.

At the factory opening they also commemorated the 18th anniversary of the foundation of HELL, highlighting the group’s rapid growth dynamics and continuously expanding, high- quality product range. The flagship brand currently fills the market leader role in 10 countries. In addition to energy drinks, the group’s portfolio includes iced teas and soft drinks, vitamin- soft drinks, and premium quality water. Moreover, the portfolio includes iced coffees from HELL Ice Coffee, which is the market leader in 5 countries.

All products of the company group are manufactured in compliance with the highest food industry regulations, using excellent raw materials, and is made without preservatives, artificial colors and aspartame.