We aim to become the greenest

energy and soft drink producer in the world!

Our cans are

designed to last forever

Our product packaging is made from infinitely recyclable materials.


Aluminum is a key component of low carbon circular economies. Not only is it lightweight, durable and flexible (protecting the liquid from light, oxygen and contaminants, pathogens), but it is infinitely, 100% recyclable. As a result, 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still in circulation today. Our cans are inherently high in recycled content and low in carbon footprint, and their melting results in 95 percent energy savings. At HELL, we have reduced our PET bottle packaging to less than 5% of total packaging in the last 5 years and aim to be below 1% by 2025. Put your aluminum cans in the recycling bin – they could have a new life in 60 days!

Green aluminium

with low carbon footprint!

We are the first in the world to use SPEIRA ORBIS aluminum in all our cans, and our XIXO carbonated soft drinks are exclusively in aluminum cans instead of PET bottles.

Thanks to conscious sourcing, we use SPEIRA ORBIS, which has a very high recycled aluminum content, in the production of all our aluminum cans. This means that the aluminum recovered and used has certainly been a consumer product at least once. The higher the recycled content, the better for the environment. As a result, the aluminum we use has an exceptionally low carbon footprint worldwide, setting an example for the whole industry.

Nothing goes to waste with us!

Our aim is to minimize energy demand,

thus ensuring eco-efficiency.

We committed to aluminum in 2015, and since then we have reduced the proportion of PET bottles in our portfolio by 60 percent.We were awarded the Energy Conscious Company label in 2020, which we are proud of and strive to maintain. After that, from 2021, our cans will have a very high recycled content and a low carbon footprint. Both the foil and paper trays used to package our products are made from 100% recycled materials. Meanwhile, the secondary raw material used in the manufacturing process is fully recycled, so there is no waste.

Hello endless recycling!

We will lead you to the future!

Want to join?

Little energy from you, huge energy to Earth! Choose eco-friendly and always recycle!

If you choose recycled aluminium packaging, you will not only enjoy the original taste of your drink, but also do good to the planet. After all, the aluminium cans that you recycle right, those can get 100% recycled to a new beverage packaging as fast as within 60 days. And if you always throw it in the right place, it can be recycled again and again, which means your grandchildren will be able to use it too. Sounds incredible, right? In this way, don’t take away but always add to the future, resulting in countless happy days for our planet!

HELLo Alu!

Keep aluminum in circulation together to keep it in use as long as possible! As aluminum cans can be recycled infinitely, we cannot let this precious resource go to waste!

As part of our large-scale series of activities, we have collected empty aluminum cans in vending machines at tram stops, in spectacular installations at festivals, at universities and in arcades! Because it’s not enough to talk about the environment, you have to act!

Under the HELLo ALU programme, we have already sent tens of thousands of aluminum drink cans for recycling to be recycled into bedding. What’s more, as well as protecting the environment, our collection campaigns also serve a good cause in terms of social responsibility.

You can read more about our green efforts on the U Can Think Green blog.

Learn all necessary information from one place!

The topic is essential and inexhaustible. Download the full report and learn about our sustainable operations! Every step we make, we make it responsibly for you, for our future in the planet. It is our legacy for future generations.

At HELL, we strive every day to produce as sustainable as possible! Join our efforts and if you can, choose our aluminium cans with high recycled content and please recycle - for our planet and the future! You wouldn’t even think how many tiny, everyday choices you can make for a better future.