We aim to become the greenest

energy and soft drink producer in the world!

Our cans have

eternal life

Our aluminium beverage packaging recycles forever.

Aluminium is a key element of a low-carbon circular economy. After all, it is not only a light, durable and flexible material that protects the liquid from light, oxygen and dirt, pathogens, but it is also infinitely and 100% recyclable, hence why 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Our cans already have a high recycled content and low carbon footprint, and their recycling also saves 95% energy. We at HELL have reduced the share of our plastic bottle packaging to under 5% in the last 5 years and aim to keep this number below 1% by 2025. Put your aluminium can in the recycling bin so it can get a new life in 60 days!

Green aluminium

with low carbon footprint!

We are the first in the world to use SPEIRA ORBIS aluminium to produce all our beverage cans in recycled aluminium, our XIXO carbonated soft drinks are packaged exclusively in cans instead of plastic bottles.

Due to our responsible procurement, we use SPEIRA ORBIS recycled aluminium which has a high recycled content. Certification guarantees that used and recycled cans at least once have been a consumer product. The larger the recycled content, the better for the environment. The remaining 25% includes mainly further recycled consumer and industrial waste and a small fraction of primary metal produced by renewable energy. As a result, the aluminium we use also has an exceptionally low carbon footprint worldwide, setting an example for the entire industry.

Nothing is wasted!

Our goal is to minimize our energy demand,

thus ensuring eco-efficiency.

We made a commitment to enhance the use of aluminium for beverage packaging in 2015. Ever since, we have reduced the share of plastic bottles in our portfolio by 60%. In 2020, we received the award of ‘Energy Conscious Company’ which we are proud of and strive to maintain. As a next step, our cans already have a high recycled content and low carbon footprint from 2021. Moreover, both the foils and paper trays that we are using for product packaging are made from 100% recyclable material with some recycled content. In the meantime, our process scrap serves as secondary material due to being fully recycled, therefore, no waste is generated during production.

Hello endless recycling!

We will lead you to the future!

Want to join?

Little energy from you, huge energy to Earth! Choose eco-friendly and always recycle!

If you choose recycled aluminium packaging, you will not only enjoy the original taste of your drink, but also do good to the planet. After all, the aluminium cans that you recycle right, those can get 100% recycled to a new beverage packaging as fast as within 60 days. And if you always throw it in the right place, it can be recycled again and again, which means your grandchildren will be able to use it too. Sounds incredible, right? In this way, don’t take away but always add to the future, resulting in countless happy days for our planet!

Learn all necessary information from one place!

The topic is essential and inexhaustible. Download the full report and learn about our sustainable operations! Every step we make, we make it responsibly for you, for our future in the planet. It is our legacy for future generations.

At HELL, we strive every day to produce as sustainable as possible! Join our efforts and if you can, choose our aluminium cans with high recycled content and please recycle - for our planet and the future! You wouldn’t even think how many tiny, everyday choices you can make for a better future.