No race weekend without excitement

Excitement at every race weekend- Tassi misses the free practice

Budapest, June 08, 2018 The race weekend in Belgium did not go smoothly for Attila Tassi. Due to delays at the Budapest airport, the Hungarian touring car racer was unable to arrive on time at the Spa-Francorchamps race track which meant that he missed Friday’s free practice.

The 3rd race weekend of TCR Europe’s 2018 season proved to be a bit of an adventure for Attila Tassi. The Hungarian touring car competitor was supposed to travel to Belgium on Thursday to take part in the next race to be held at Spa-Francorchamps, however, due to technical issues, Liszt Ferenc International Airport canceled all flights to Brussels from Thursday evening to Friday morning. The HELL ENERGY Racing Team with KCMG competitor cannot take part in today’s free practices.

“I’m really mad that I’m missing the free practices due to something outside my control. It’s not a great feeling to know I can’t do anything about it, but I’ve been in worse situations and it turned out fine, so I know we’ll be ok this time, too. I’m trying to stay focused and to concentrate on the race despite the circumstances.” said Tassi optimistically. 

The young driver seems to have nerves of steel, which may well be due to the regular mental training he takes part in. Alapjárat, the popular Hungarian car enthusiast website and community recently shot a film about the Fit4Race training method. Zsolt Matics, one of the program’s founders, who is also Attila’s trainer, talks about how drivers prepare for a race with this special method.

“There are two main forms, skill development, and mixed skill development, the latter means we are developing a given group of muscles as well. We carry out some examinations and then analyze these. What we aim to develop foremost is stress tolerance, divided attention, peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, sense of balance and we mix these exercises up.”Zsolt Matics told Alapjárat.

After the free practices on Friday, the qualifying session will begin at 10:55 on Saturday and we can cheer for Tassi at 17:20 in the first race and again on Sunday at 11:20 in the second. The events of both days will be broadcast live by Sport 1 TV.

Click the link below to see the video of the Fit4Race training session:

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