The sales activity of HELL ENERGY has been supported from the beginning by a unique marketing activity. The first step in the international expansion was the two-year cooperation with the AT&T Williams Formula 1 team in 2009, with which HELL ENERGY was the first Hungarian company and the second among energy drinks to be the sponsor of the Formula 1 world. Appearance on the international stage has brought the brand cross-border awareness, but not only is it the only marketing activity that HELL set the bar high at: in 2018, in a unique way, the brand’s advertising campaign was done in collaboration with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Bruce Willis. Given the huge success of the campaign, in 2020 the brand once again chose the acting legend as the face of its products, with Zuleyka Rivera, who was chosen as the most beautiful woman in the world and also starred in the most watched video clip of all time – reaching 6.7 billion views – Despacito. The new campaign promotes not only the HELL energy drink, but also the new latte family, HELL ENERGY COFFEE, which will be launched in international markets this year. Iced coffee with 75 percent milk, real Arabica and Robusta coffee extract, and no preservatives has become a consumer favourite in record time: surpassing the success of HELL ENERGY Drink, in less than one year it has become the market leader in Hungary in the summer of 2020, and similar results can be expected in key export countries, which, thanks to the company’s latest development, will now be supplied from its own latte production site.

Thanks to the fact that innovation and continuous product development are still one of the most important aspects in the life of the company, it is certain that the fans of the brand can expect a lot of innovations and novelties in the coming years as well!