Koncz wins at Fight Aréna


Budapest, March 13,2018  HELL Racing Team’s K1 warrior, Attila Koncz proved himself last Sunday at Fight Aréna. He sent his Austrian opponent to the floor with a thigh kick knockout in the second round of the Szombathely match.

On last Friday’s morning show on Digi Sport, Attila Koncz spoke humbly about how much he has grown thanks to his new coach, Tivadar Kunkli and only two days later he scored a victory at the Fight Aréna international professional martial arts gala held in Szombathely. The top Hungarian and Austrian K1 and MMA fighters went head to head during the course of the evening. Koncz entered the competition in the 77-kilogram category, his opponent was Bojan Pavicic of  Fightclub 300. In the first round, Attila wore down the opponent with his excellent leg technique, shin blocks and his strong outer and inner thigh kicks and then delivered the final blow toward the end of the second round. The Austrian competitor fell after receiving a thigh kick, was unable to get up again and so, he threw in the towel. The end of the match saw Koncz as the winner taking home the victor’s trophy.

Attila will enter the ring next on March 24th at the German Open Championship.

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