Impressive entrance, dramatic finish

An impressive entrance, a dramatic finish – Another action-packed race in Belgium

Budapest, June 12, 2018, The 3rd race of the TCR Europe series began with excitement as Attila Tassi missed the first free practice on Friday due to airport delays. When everyone was just about to give up hope that the HELL ENERGY Racing Team with KCMG driver would make it to the afternoon practice session, Tassi arrived 10 minutes before the race started.

Literally. If you follow Attila Tassi on Instagram, then you saw the young competitor as he ran across the Brussels airport and got dressed for the race while on the highway to arrive at the Belgian track, jump into his Honda and take his place at the starting line.

“At first I was really upset that I was going to miss the first free practice, but when I found out I had a shot at getting there on time for the second, that’s when I started having fun. I began to see it as a challenge and I enjoyed competing, so to speak, off the track as well, as it was really a race against time,” says Tassi, who came in 6th in the 2nd free practice after 24 exhausting hours of travel and layover. After qualification, he was able to start from the 15th spot.

The young Hungarian driver finished in the 11th place in the first race, but due to the conflict with Moller, he received a 30-second penalty, which placed him as 17th and his teammate, Josh Files was unable to complete the race. The second race did not yield any better results for the two drivers, Tassi’s tire was damaged in the face off with Mora which caused a flat in the 3rd lap making him unable to finish out the competition. Even though Files started strong, his Honda broke down in the 7th lap putting him in last place.

Neither HELL ENERGY Racing Team with KCMG driver had much luck last weekend, however, they are hopeful and excited about the July race as Tassi will be competing before a home audience again and Files will become acquainted with the team’s titular track, the Hungaroring.

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