Hell Racing Team


Attila Tassi turned 18 in 2017, which he celebrated by winning his first victory at Hungaroring. The talented pilot gave an impressive performance throughout last year's TCR international series, which led him to take his place on the second rung of the podium with his team, M1RA achieving first place.

Tassi will continue competing this year at TCR Europe as JAS Motorsport's test pilot, and this time nothing but first place will do.


Attila Koncz joined the HELL Racing team in October of 2017. The young talent is a mere 22 years old and has only begun his K1 career a little over 2 years ago. However, he won the title of European champion in the 75-kilogram category in 2017. In his home country of Romania, he is the current national wushu champion.

Last December Attila moved to Miskolc, where his role model Tivadar Kunkli took him under his wing and they began preparation for the title of world champion.


The 20-time Hungarian trial champion has performed notably in may European and international competitions. In 2017, he broke the Guinness Record and is now the one who can jump the highest in the world with a bike. The athlete famous for his Hedgeshow trial show and his team will try their hand at the X-Trial motorcycle world championship track with bicycles.