Hell of a Honda team in ETCR

A hell of a Honda team in TCR Europe’s 2018 season


Budapest, May 4th, 2018. Today marks the start of the much-anticipated TCR Europe season, whose first stop is Le Castellet in France, at the Paul Ricard racecourse. We can again cheer for Attila Tassi, who debuted last week at the WTCR Hungaroring race, with an official new team name, and with his teammate, Josh Files, also getting a HELL design this week.

Tassi finished a challenging week, since the judges were harsh at the Hungaroring, and there were some problems with his car, but he didn’t have much time to dwell on what happened: he is again on the track this week, and this year he can prove his worth in his own category.  The talented driver’s car was already shown off in April, but Josh Files didn’t hear any mention of himself – until now.

Though it must be said, that anyone paying attention to the touring race world championship, has seen the name of Tassi’s team, but officially the new team only introduced themselves over the weekend. The HELL ENERGY Racing Team with KCMGteam proudly took the start with two drivers – Attila Tassi and Josh Files, who are competing for victory with devilishly HELL branded Honda Civic Type R racing car.

Based on the official declaration, then, the team is getting official HELL ENERGY sponsorship, however Attila Tassi remains the brand’s specially endorsed driver.

Saturday, the first race of the TCR Europe 2018 season will take place at 2:40 p.m., while the second race starts Sunday at 3:50 p.m. Follow the events at the pages below:




The Sport1 channel will also show the races live.



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