The new HELL Strong Focus has arrived!

May 2017, HELL ENERGY, the leading Hungarian energy drink producer believes in continual innovation and product development is as one of the basic tenets of their business philosophy. A year cannot pass without a new kind of energy drink from their world-class production line hitting the market. This year is no different. They have developed a unique product, a functional energy drink, which not only energizes but contains added vitamin C and D as well as magnesium and L-carnitine, too.

There many situations in life when a simple caffeinated drink just won’t cut it to get us through a particularly tiring period. After a long winter, our body’s vitamin and mineral stores decrease and we may feel what is known as spring fatigue. It is important to replenish our body with important nutrients in order to be active and energetic both mentally and physically.

Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and muscle function. Vitamin C promotes a healthy nervous system and strengthens the immune system. Magnesium helps to decrease fatigue and exhaustion and promotes healthy muscle function.

Similarly to the other members of HELL’s ‘Strong’ product family, HELL Strong Focus has 20% more caffeine than their traditional energy drinks, that is, 38,4 mg/100ml.

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