Szőnyi Ferenc wins once again at Swiss Ultra

Ferenc Szőnyi showcases Hungarian iron will in Switzerland

Budapest, August 28, 2018.Ferenc Szőnyi became well-known for his performance and wins in footraces over incredible distances. Repeating his success of the previous year, this June he again won The Hell Race 480 kilometer footrace, and in August set off for Switzerland, to try his luck in Buchsagain.

19 kilometers swimming, 900 kilometers cycling, and 211 kilometers running – this is what awaited Ferenc Szőnyi from August 23-30 on the Swissultra 5x ultratriathlon.  A total of six brave athletes volunteered for the contest, and they had 153 hours to complete the course.  True to his Racemachine nickname, Szőnyi finished first in the field, with a time of 98 hours and 29 minutes. Feri has already performed the 10x distance here last year, so that fans had a lot of faith that the world champion would again be successful. The race, which was in itself difficult and stressful, was made even harder by the stormy weather, and the knee pain that he developed during the bicycling, but none of these are the reasons that Szőnyi stopped halfway through the race.  The reason he stopped was his 54th birthday, which the organizers and his competitors also remembered.

People often wonder how Szőnyi is able to do it, competing in such serious races one after the other.

“A very good friend of mine once said that over 50 we don’t stop anymore.  I’d like to just add that it’s true that after some of the bigger races, we need to give time for our bodies to regain the energy they lost.  Of course, there’s no alternative to training constantly, and then of course there’s mental preparation.  You have to put together all of the tiny little links to make a chain – out of the team, the energy, your abilities.  This is a very big dilemma, whether you are able to put together this tall house of cards.  Because it’s possible to make quite a large house out of the cards, but most of the time they’re just cards.  I always try to put my cards together so that 1-2 times a year I’ll be able to build a nice, big house, and to complete a race as extensive as this one,” Ferenc Szőnyi answered.


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