HELL Strong Cola has been reborn

Budapest, November 11th, 2017. HELL STRONG Cola will be released with a new look and new recipe as of this November.

HELL ENERGY has renewed its black and gold branded product introduced in 2014, which is now available in stores featuring a vibrant red and blue paint-job. The unvaried high-quality HELL product has not only changed its look, but for an even finer flavor, small changes have been made to its recipe so that this well-known product can make a grand reentry onto store shelves. The combination of the cola flavor and the stimulating energy of this energy drink has 20% more caffeine than usual (32mg /100ml), so it’s a great choice for those who need extra energy!

In addition to its renewed design and taste, HELL’s consumers can experience a unique American football style atmosphere while sampling the product.

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