Ferenc Szőnyi is training for the Olympia


Ferenc Szőnyi is training to be an Olympian


May 16, 2018. Ferenc Szőnyi doesn’t stop for a minute – this time, the HELL Racing Team’s ultratriathlon world champion is training for Greece, to end the season with a more than 180 kilometer foot race.

It’s still only just May, but a season is over in Ferenc Szőnyi’s life.  The ultratriathlon world champion Aconcagua this year, completed the 200 kilometer La Misión race, participated in countless running and Spartan races, and now is going to Greece to train in the Olympian Raceultramarathon.  But have no fear, Szőnyi isn’t giving up running, he’s only just ending the year’s first preparation stage, and with this Greek race he will warm up for the next big challenge.  Feri is once more going to try the challenge which he was the only one in the world to complete last year, and which has been advertised using his face ever since *.  In the Hell Race – a 480 kilometer long race, the man of iron will again pay his respects in the Himalayas, in July, since you there can’t be a summer without a world record attempt.

Before the big trip, he’ll take the time to run the Olympian Race 185 kilometer long race in one night in Greece, where the daytime temperature will hover around 30°C on May 18th, the start of the race.  For this reason the challenge will start in the afternoon and continue into the night.

Luckily we’ll be running mostly on pavement – I like this track better than forested areas, although of course I can deal with that too.  The race won’t  take place under everyday circumstances, since in Greece every meter has some ancient history. I’ll be wearing a GPS device during the race, using which people can follow me on Facebook and see where I am and how fast I’m going,” explained Ferenc Szőnyi.

Several hundred people will start in the race, since by completing this challenge, they’ll qualify for September’s Spartathlon ultra long distance foot race going through historic sites.  The Olympian Racestarts at the ancient Stadium of Nemea and ends in the ancient city of Olympia.

The Hell Race with Szőnyi promotional video can be viewed at the following link:


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