Ferenc Szőnyi has conquered his own limits

 Ferenc Szőnyi has conquered his own limits and set yet another world record

Budapest, June 25, 2018, Ferenc Szőnyi did what he promised The aptly nicknamed Racemachine was the only one to complete the 480-kilometer distance of The Hell Race. The iron man from Kamárom not only gave a repeat performance of last year’s incredible challenge, but he beat his own personal best running the race in 4 hours, 20 minutes and 46 seconds less time than last year.

“I know I can do it, and maybe even a little better this time.”This was the attitude with which the 54-year-old Szőnyi took to the starting line of this hellish competition and the world watched in wonder again at this performance. Spurred on by his success last year, the HELL Racing Team athlete showed incredible dedication taking on a new, crazy adventure. The goal was to reach The Hell Race’s finish line again this year, only faster. The race, organized in India crosses the Himalaya five times, it is an impressive 480 kilometers long and boasts nearly 10000 meters difference in altitude. Only four competitors entered this especially trying race, however, three of them gave up after some time, thus Szőnyi, defying the elements soldiered on and arrived at the finish line by himself with the official result of 108 hours, 52 minutes and 29 seconds.

“I’ve been very disciplined lately I’m not as hot-headed as a used to be. I have a better sense of what I am preparing for, what I’m doing and I also take other people’s evaluations into account. I believe this is one the keys to success.” said Feri before the race.

It seems that that ultra-triathlon world champion who was presented this year with the Knight of Cross from the Order of Merit of Hungary proved himself to be a man of extraordinary discipline and will-power as such a  race is a serious challenge mentally as well as physically. We would like to congratulate him on his impressive performance.

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