Double podium in Zandvoort

Attila Tassi again makes the podium in Zandvoort

Budapest, May 22, 2018. We had a chance to witness an incredibly exciting round on Monday, during the second Dutch race of the Touring Car European Championship.  The HELL ENERGY Racing Team with KCMG competitors shone brilliantly – Attila Tassi passed others with bravado, and a dramatic finish, while Josh Files drove in first place through the race.

Although Attila Tassi’s weekend started with adventure – he nearly missed the first round, because he was unable to advance on the freeway due to a traffic jam caused by the masses going to see the races – he was still able to get silver in Sunday’s race.  Though the success didn’t go to his head, he was excited to start the second round, where due to the reversed start scheme, he started from 7th place.  The young competitor pushed ahead tenaciously, and by the 9th lap was among the leaders, where he fought hard with Kroes for 3rd place.   Finally in the last lap he was able to overtake his competitors briefly, however, the Dutch car was able to push Tassi out of the way and regain its lead position.  Taking advantage of the situation, Richard, who was in 5th place, overtook the Hungarian driver, Attila, thanks to good presence of mind, was able to regain his position almost immediately, finishing in fourth.  Although Kroes was the one who got to stand in third on the podium, later due to a judge’s decision, Kroes received a penalty due to an infraction, and so in the end Tassi was able to stand on the winner’s podium in the second race, having attained his well-earned third place finish.

“I was sure that Kroes was purposefully not letting me pass, despite my indicating several times to him to move aside, because I’m faster than him.  I know that nobody likes to give up their space on the podium before the end of the race, especially not when they’re competing on a home track, but I don’t think this gives him the right to do what he did, and I’m very glad that the judges also saw it that way,” said Tassi.  “All in all I greatly enjoyed the weekend, and we were finally able to adjust the car properly.  I think I got the maximum out of myself and the car, so I’m very satisfied with the result and waiting for the next round,” added the racecar driver.

Tassi’s teammate, Josh Files, started from 4th place on Monday and broke ahead to the lead in the first lap, holding onto this position throughout the whole round to finish in first place.




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