Attila Tassi scores his first points at the WTCR

Marrakech, April 7, 2019.  The Honda Team, supported by HELL ENERGY, closed out the first race weekend of the WTCR with great results. The fastest lap belonged to Attila Tassi this past Saturday on the Marrakech track where the driver had never before competed, on Sunday he achieved a spot allowing him to receive points while Tiago Monteiro finished at fourth place in Sunday’s qualifying session.

The Hungarian touring car driver, Attila Tassi has completed his first ever race weekend in the WTCR season. He strove to prove himself in the past two days on the Moroccan track that was as of yet completely new to him. He experienced a number of technical difficulties, but his determination finally paid off.

“I’m really enjoying the WTCR environment, I’m sure it’s not by chance that the field was dubbed the “supergrid.” We have a collection of very strong competitors this year and we really can’t predict what will happen from one second to the next, who is going to take the lead. It’s an exciting challenge for me to be able to compete in this event, I believe I will learn a lot and improve my skills working with competitors I’m working with, but I would like to win for once at least, too.” Says Tassi

This is what the  KCMG Honda competitor thinks about last Saturday:

“I’d never been on the Marrakech track before, so everything was new to me. Despite this, I did well on the free practices, mine was the fastest lap, so we were pretty optimistic about Sunday’s qualifying session. It started off well enough, I did one quick lap with used tires, then when I began the next one with new tires, I got between two other drivers and slid off the track onto the curb. After this, I felt there was something not quite right with the car, I stopped several times so the repair team could figure out what the problem was. But it was only ten minutes before the end of the qualifying session that we found out my splitter was broken so I could not get back on the track. This means I could not do even a single qualifying lap with my tires, so I had to begin the first race from the back of the field. I was kind of disappointed because if my car would have been working properly, I think I would have made to the top 15. But, of course, we stayed positive, as this was only the first day. We decided that given the circumstances, the main goal for the first race would be to gather information, which I believe was successful, but I kept having trouble with my breaks and my first stabilizer bar broke, so I was not having an easy time. However, I stayed optimistic that Sunday’s new opportunities would bring more success.”

The time made by the HELL ENERGY sponsored competitor at Sunday’s qualifying session was not far behind the precedent he had set in the beginning, despite this, however, he only got pole position 22. At the second race of the weekend, he made it to the twentieth place from position 21 and in the third, he could finally show everyone what he is truly capable of by making it all the way to the 11th place scoring 5 points in the championship.

”At Sunday’s qualifying session, I was able to get ahead of my Saturday results by one second, I did this in the first qualifying lap. I was only able to take the track three times with my new tires, but in one of these, Full Course Yellow was in effect and in the second, Panis was moving slowly in front of me. I did not have the opportunity to improve my results, but the competition was very tight, all I would have needed was 0.3 seconds to be in the top 12, in fact, there was a time there where I was only at 0.1 seconds disadvantage. This is a bit of comfort to me because it shows my real abilities, but it also shows just how strong the field is. In the third race, I was off to a great start, but my car was already damaged slightly when I overtook other drivers, so I had to pay extra attention to the brakes and the tires. I’m really happy that in the third race I finished in the top 12 and scored some points as well. I’m much more pleaded to leave the Morocco track with these results. ”Said the young driver.

Tassi’s teammate Tiago Monteiro gave an exceptionally strong performance at Sunday’s qualifying session. The driver making his big come-back took the track as if he had never left it: reaching fourth place in the Q3 thus starting off from the 7th pole position in the invert race and finishing eighth. However, not long after setting off in the third race, he was forced to forfeit due to a crash finishing the competition in the 24th place.

The next venue of the season: April 26-28., Hungaroring

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