Attila Tassi on the home track

Budapest, April 28, 2019, The Hungaroring leg of the WTCR was a rollercoaster of emotions for the HELL-KCMG team. After a strong start, we saw both drivers lag a bit, but it did not take long for Tassi to get a second wind and show the spectators of the touring car world championship just how fiercely Hungarians can fight on the track.

The youngest competitor in the WTCR field ran the fastest laps on Friday’s first free practice, however, before the end of the training, he was already a few minutes behind, coming in at the still-prestigious 3rd place.

”Of course, I’m glad that I made such good time, but this is just training, the main event begins tomorrow, so I must be prepared.” Said Attila Tassi about his results.

The Hungarian driver did great at Saturday’s qualifying session as well, with the 7th best time he began the weekend’s first qualifying session with favorable odds. Once again, the “super grid” showed that this season boasts the strongest field to date, hundredths of seconds separate the scores of the top competitors and the middle ranks. Throughout this tough competition, Tassi managed to earn the 18th starting position and finished 15th in the first race.

“I’m not exactly satisfied, but now we know where we made mistakes and we are trying to do better. I hope tomorrow will yield better results,” said the young driver about Saturday’s challenges.

The competitor sponsored by HELL ENERGY took to the starting line with fresh strength at Sunday’s first qualifying session. He was able to grab 17th place. The second lap was made difficult not only by the wind but it also began to rain, but the KCMG Honda driver did not lose heart, in fact, he hoped that the wet track would work to his advantage, which it did: Tassi was finally able to show the WTCR audience his courage and fierceness giving an exciting performance which landed him all the way up in the 8th place.

“I wanted to do better than Saturday not just for me and my team, but for the fans and I’m so happy I made it to 8th and I could finally partake in a little roughhousing on the track. The first free practice on Friday went really well, but on Saturday I had a little trouble with my car’s settings and at Sunday’s qualifying session I made a few mistakes, but I’m actually kind of happy about that, because you can only grow by making mistakes and I hope I will be better and better with each race,” said Attila Tassi.

But the challenges did not end here for Tassi: soon he will have to prove himself at yet another venue, which will be the classroom. The 19-year old will be taking his school leaving exams in the next two weeks. We hope he will excel in his studies just like on the track and will have gained a high school diploma by the time he takes the starting line at the next race which will be at the Slovakiaring. Until then, fans can see Attila next at the Nagy Futam (The Great Race) on May 1.

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