Aluminum cans are the future – HELL and XIXO show the way for international companies

Budapest, October 8, 2019.  Thanks to their environmentally conscious strategy, HELL ENERGY Hungary has increased the ratio of their environmentally friendly aluminum can packaging to 95% in the past five years. By building their own aluminum can manufacturing plant, the company has completely dedicated themselves to using recycled packaging materials.

With HELL ENERGY’s long-term strategy, the number of their aluminum can packaged products has grown every year in the case of the HELL and XIXO brands. “This current result is a truly important milestone, but we won’t stop here. In the name of social responsibility, HELL ENERGY believes in the importance of human values, an environmentally conscious attitude and protecting the future. This means that within five years, the ratio of aluminum canned products in our portfolio will be 99%.” says Péter Pantl, HELL ENERGY ‘s communication and marketing director.

Recently there has been a lot of news about the vast quantity of PET pollution, for example, that 1,5 billion plastic bottles are produced per year by international manufacturers in Hungary alone, the majority of which are not recycled. However, aluminum cans can be fully recycled any number of times. In fact, on average, 60 days after the consumer has thrown the can into the recycling bin, a new product can be made from the aluminum waste. 

“We would like to set an example for international companies and unequivocally demonstrate to our consumers that HELL and XIXO are brands dedicated to environmental protection. 95% of the premium soft drinks we manufacture are already packaged entirely in recycled aluminum cans,” Péter Pantl added.

HELL ENERGY opened its 42 000 square meter aluminum can manufacturing plant, QUALITY PACK, in 2017, this world-class factory has an annual production capacity of 1,2 billion cans and can tops.

“HELL ENERGY  is unique in that it is a market leader in several countries with its own, modern filling plant, as well as an aluminum can factory. This gives us an unparalleled strategic position. The aluminum cans we manufacture can be fully recycled any number of times, I believe we can safely call them the packaging of the future,” said Barnabas Csereklye, CEO of HELL ENERGY.

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