Satisfying current consumer needs and continuous development play an exclusive role in the development of HELL’s energy drink portfolio. In addition to the classic (32 mg / 100 ml caffeine, tutti-frutti flavour) energy drink, innovative products such as HELL STRONG with a +20 percent caffeine content recommended for extreme use or the sugar-free HELL Zero product family are also available under the umbrella of the brand.

Following the trends, the company’s mission is to produce functional drinks that contain extra ingredients in addition to the usual ingredients from energy drinks. To this end, HELL STRONG FOCUS was born in 2017, with a total of 11 ingredients (including magnesium and L-carnitine), or HELL ENERGY Active, which was introduced in 2018, which is recommended for people living an active lifestyle thanks to BCAA and L-carnitine and a 60 percent lower sugar content.